1st Batch of Margarita Mix
50 Disposable Cups
50 Straws
Machine Set Up
Free Delivery* (limited area, call for details)
Additional Mixes - $20/ea.

*Delivery fee for out of area

Some additional rental information:

Payment by Cash, Visa or Mastercard

$50.00 deposit per machine required to reserve your date.  The deposit will be credited towards your final balance.  We may remove this requirement for customers with good rental history or for corporate events where a good faith understanding is in place.

Cancellation Policy:  If reservation is cancelled less than 10 days before reserved date, the $50.00 deposit will not be returned.

Additional mixes cost $20.00 each (plus tax)

When a price quote is provided to you, this amount reflects an estimate based on the information you have given us regarding the event.

Bad Ass Margaritas DOES NOT SUPPLY LIQUOR OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.  Customer supplies the liquor.  The renter is ultimately responsible for obeying all rules, laws and regulations that are in place at the time.  This includes underage drinkers and drinking and driving.  Please drink responsibly.

Machine must be plugged into a dedicated 20 amp circuit.  This means that we need the whole outlet (2 plugs) for the frozen drink machine, and nothing else will be able to use the outlet.

If possible, please find a shady place for the machine when the party will be outdoors.  This will provide the machine with protection from the elements and it will also speed up the freezing process.   The hotter and more direct sun the machine gets, the longer it will take to freeze.  It will also affect the consistency of the mix.  If it is too hot and the machine is in the direct sunlight, the mix will be looser.

The frozen drink machines are commercial grade and are therefore very heavy.  A machine full of beverage can weigh somewhere near 200 lbs.  When we leave a machine at your party, it will be placed in the most convenient and safest location.  It will be the responsibility of the renter to protect the welfare of the guests as well as the machine from any unexpected harm.